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Why Join Our Team?

In their own words, here’s how our Cologne-based crew sums up the cleverbridge experience.

  • Openminded

  • Multicultural

  • Employee

  • Interconnected

  • Always

  • Socially

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Employee Benefits in Cologne

We believe in work/life balance and in putting our employees first.  Join us and enjoy!

  • Referral Program

    If someone you refer is hired at cleverbridge, we’ll give you EUR 800.

  • Games & Fun

    Show off your skills at foosball, ping pong, Mario Kart and more.

  • 30 Vacation Days

    Relax, unwind and explore — and then come back to work energized.

  • Job Ticket

    Traveling to work is better with discounted public transportation.

  • Employee Celebrations

    Karneval, Sommersause (our summer party), Christmas… we do it all in style.

  • Healthy Snacks

    Our kitchens are always stocked with quality fruit, cereals and drinks.

  • Sports & Fitness

    Get your heart racing with bootcamp, Fitness Challenge and football group.

  • Private Pension

    We invest in your future with a
    generous pension package.

Tips & Tricks for Applying

Beyond an up-to-date CV, what else do you need when you apply? Here are a few tips from our friendly Cologne HR Team to help you put your best foot forward.


Your Cover Letter

  1. Write one!

    Your CV tells us what you do; your cover letter tells us who you are. No matter which role you’re applying for, please submit a thoughtful cover letter in PDF format.

  2. Tell us why you’re interested.

    What is it about the role – or about cleverbridge – that makes you want to get involved?

  3. Highlight your strengths.

    Give us a high-level summary of why your skills make you a great candidate. Reference letters help with this, too.

  4. Mention extracurriculars.

    Feel free to include info about hobbies, volunteering, sports, professional organizations or any other ways you like to spend your time.

  5. Include your desired salary and start date.

    This helps us a lot. Thanks in advance!


Your Interview

  1. Do your research.

    We assume that if you’re really interested in this job, you’ll Google us beforehand. So, Google us.

  2. Ask questions.

    This is an excellent way to demonstrate knowledge of cleverbridge, our industry and your particular field.

  3. Make a good impression.

    It’s okay to be nervous! Just also be prepared, composed and neatly dressed.

  4. Share your story.

    We’re looking for people who embody our core values and will be a good cultural fit. You’ll find that your interview is a lot about getting to know you as a person.

  5. Sell yourself.

    You don’t need the most experience to be the best candidate. If you’re being considered, it’s because we think you show promise and could bring a diverse perspective. Don’t be intimidated – show us what you’ve got!

Our Hiring Process

  1. step 1

    CV & Cover Letter

    • Please only submit your CV and cover letter in PDF format.
    • Don’t forget to attach your reference letters, if you have them.
    • Make sure you include your salary expectation and start date.
    • If you’re applying for a role that requires a portfolio, include a link or PDF.
    • We will contact you within 2 weeks.
  2. step 2

    Phone interview

    • This call will take 15-30 minutes.
    • We’ll discuss your CV and clarify any outstanding details.
    • If you have questions about cleverbridge and/or the position, this is a great time to ask!
    • After your phone interview, we will either invite you to an in-person interview or let you know that we’ve concluded the interview process.
  3. step 3

    In-person interview

    • If you live locally, you’ll be invited into our Cologne office to learn more about our culture, our company and the position.
    • You will interview with the team leader/director and the recruiter.
    • Depending on the position for which you’re interviewing:
      • You might take a test to evaluate specific professional skills.
      • There may be an additional round of interviews.
  4. step 4

    Welcome to cleverbridge!

    • You will receive an offer letter and more information about your first day at cleverbridge.
    • Enjoy the onboarding process!

Now you’re ready to apply!

Find Job Opportunities in Cologne

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You can contact our all-star Human Resources team in Cologne with any questions, concerns or compliments.

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