Manage your global ecommerce business.

As your business grows into new markets, the risks involved in payment processing, information security and taxation become more real — and it gets increasingly complicated to manage your offerings and your customer data. We give you the control you need over your ecommerce program while insulating you from non-compliance fines and security breaches, providing stability and predictability as you scale your business.



Your online commerce business is a bustling ecosystem of digital platforms and activities. With a robust set of APIs, our bolt-on subscription billing, commerce and payments platform synchronizes data from your existing CRM, ERP, web analytics, marketing automation systems and more. You can accomplish full integration in a matter of minutes with our ready-to-use connector.

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  • Plug-and-play connector compatible with your existing processes and applications
  • Easily connect customer data to provide a seamless experience 24/7 on any device
  • Increase team efficiency, lower costs from custom development and increase renewals

Wasting Time Shuffling Data Around?

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Subscription Management

In today’s subscription economy, flexibility is the name of the game – and we’re playing to help you win. Our solutions give you supreme flexibility in configuring and managing all aspects of your subscription business, so you can offer the best possible customer experience and maximize revenue.

See How We Simplify Subscription Billing
  • Configure fixed, term, tiered or usage-based pricing – or any custom combination thereof
  • Manage upgrades/downgrades, cross-sells and promotions
  • Leverage automated or manual renewal options
  • Offer the most relevant languages, currencies and payment methods

Customer Data Management

Every customer interacts with you differently, and you use many different tools to follow along with their experience. Through ongoing API calls, we make it easy to identify the same customer across your business systems. We connect the dots – you get a cohesive, holistic view of your customer data.

  • Identify how and when your customers subscribe
  • Track customers as they respond through various marketing channels
  • Use customer data to drive your sales and marketing strategies
  • Integrate your existing system or rely on our expertise to create a custom solution

Customer Self-Service

Decrease customer contacts and free up valuable support resources by letting your customers update their personal, payment and plan information through self-service functionality.

Empower your customers to:

  • Update or change personal data
  • Access purchase history
  • Upgrade or downgrade licenses
  • Modify subscription plans
  • Manage renewals
  • Change payment information
  • Preview invoices
  • Check usage
  • Locate technical support resources
  • View personalized offers and content

Want a world-class Customer Support team on your side?

Our highly trained team speaks seven languages and provides personalized phone and email support for issues around payments, renewals, entitlement, activation, refunds and more.

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Customer Lifecycle Marketing

The key to earning customer loyalty is to present them with the most relevant content exactly when they need it. We let you create campaigns for communicating effectively with each customer and then define when they’re triggered, using rich behavioral data. Because before you start a conversation, you need to know who you’re talking to – and what they care about most.

  • Use business logic to define criteria for triggering customer-specific messaging
  • Deliver a variety of targeted communications via email, banner ads or SMS messages
  • Connect with customers during subscription events like signup/welcome, trial expiration, payment method expiration and renewal
  • Use techniques proven to drive renewals, like the dunning process

Global Compliance

Regulations related to taxation, data privacy and security get more complicated as you expand globally — and fines for noncompliance can hit your business where it hurts. With dedicated resources and decades of experience in mitigating risk and maintaining global compliance, we manage it all so you don’t have to.

Learn More About Global Compliance

You can rely on cleverbridge to:

  • Monitor the changing regulatory landscape and rapidly make required updates to our platform
  • Stay compliant with international data protection regulations (like GDPR), subscriber opt-out protocol and more
  • Maintain certification with important industry standards (like PCI DSS and ISAE 3402)

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