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The health of your global subscription model depends on collecting payments accurately and on a timely basis — in other words: knowing exactly who to bill, for how much, when and via which payment method. We help you manage all of the complexities associated with different pricing models, billing scenarios and payment methods so you can maximize recurring revenue for your business.


Billing & Invoicing

Consumers and business customers require specific pricing models and billing scenarios – our flexible billing platform makes it easy to configure and manage them all. And with a plethora of payment methods, you can accommodate the many different ways your customers choose to pay.

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  • Know who to bill, for how much and via which payment method
  • Easily handle complex billing scenarios
  • Bill accurately for term, tiered and usage-based subscriptions (or some combination thereof)
  • Manage automated and manual renewals
  • Provide your business buyers with a "B2C-like" experience that meets their unique requirements

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Payment Processing

Processing payments has a lot of moving parts, and we handle them all – from securely and accurately collecting payments to issuing refunds, defending against chargebacks, recording and reconciling your transaction data, and managing currency exchange. cleverbridge acts as your merchant of record, handling all of this and more.

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As your merchant of record, cleverbridge:

  • Manages relationships with global payment service providers, minimizing costs for foreign billing events
  • Maintains strict compliance with PCI DSS standards
  • Monitors global taxation requirements, which are constantly changing
  • Complies with country-specific payment legislation

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Revenue Retention

When a subscription comes up for renewal, the credit card on file may no longer be valid for a variety of reasons – it may have expired or been replaced due to loss or theft. Our revenue retention tools help reduce involuntary churn resulting from outdated credit cards with a proven multi-step approach.

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  • Increase your success rate for credit card renewals by up to 20%
  • Automatically receive updated credit card information without the need for customer intervention
  • Prevent service interruptions, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Decrease customer service costs dedicated to manually updating card details and collecting payments
  • Reduce negative customer experiences caused by declined transactions


To sell around the globe, you need to stay on top of sales tax and VAT regulations. We monitor and comply with complex global taxation requirements – in addition to calculating, applying, displaying, collecting and remitting taxes on your behalf.

  • Calculate and apply taxes accurately for every market
  • Automatically display tax correctly depending on location
  • Let us handle remitting taxes to all relevant authorities
  • Get visibility into the taxation requirements for each region so you can price your products optimally

Fraud Prevention

With a one-two punch of leading automatic screening technology and expert fraud analysts, we review every single charge – seven days a week, 365 days a year. By identifying and processing more valid orders up front, we increase service speed and customer satisfaction while proactively protecting your revenue.

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With our advanced fraud team and technology, we:

  • Review all charges with leading screening technology
  • Use behavioral data to eliminate human bias, reducing false positives
  • Flag orders that require manual review by highly-trained analysts
  • Identify fraud patterns specific to your business and update your anti-fraud algorithms

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