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Our Global Community

The core of our fast-growing tech company is 300+ employees between offices in Cologne, Germany and Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo and Taipei. Every day, our culturally diverse teams innovate together, challenge one another and collaborate across continents to deliver the best possible experience for our clients and customers.


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Our Core Values

Think of our values like glitter. They get all over everything — and make it so much better. Click through the boxes below to learn what we’re all about.

We didn’t write these values just to post on our website; we wrote them because we live them every day. They remind us of how we treat our clients, customers and colleagues while we work to provide the best ecommerce and subscription billing solutions on the market.

Our Learning Opportunities

By definition, cleverbridgers are clever people – and we’re always getting clever-er. Here are just a few of the opportunities that our learning organization offers.

cleverbridge Academy

It’s our unique program for employees to strengthen their existing skills and learn new ones, too.

  • Gives employees insight into other teams, via cross-departmental training
  • Allows for knowledge sharing between colleagues of all experience levels
  • Provides employees with direction and guidance for the future of their careers
  • Immerses newbies in our learning culture from their very first day

cleverbridge Open Spaces

In Chicago and Cologne, we dedicate Open Space days to the free exchange of information between employees. There’s no agenda, and all topics are on the table. Together, we gather to share knowledge and experiences, initiate discussions, clarify issues, generate new ideas and think creatively.

Career Opportunities

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Your First 100 Days

Once you’re in, what are you in for?

We drew a little something to give you the big picture of your first 100 days at cleverbridge.

100 days at cleverbridge