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Quickly and efficiently resolve your customers' order-related issues.

Our highly trained team of multilingual customer service representatives acts as a true extension of your business, providing world class phone and email support for customer inquiries around payments, refunds, license delivery, subscription renewals and more.

You define your policies and procedures – we implement them. Flexible enough to provide various levels of support, we adapt to fit your needs and those of your customers, driving repeat business, increasing customer satisfaction and improving your brand value.

Our Full-Service Approach to Customer Support

  • Providing world class email and phone support 365 days a year in the U.S. and Europe

  • Rapidly addressing customer inquiries (average call hold time is 15 seconds)

  • Mitigating refunds by referring frustrated customers to technical support resources

  • Using rigorous internal and external quality control to gauge customer satisfaction

  • Supporting your global expansion with superior customer service in seven languages

Why cleverbridge Customer Support?

  • Increase customer satisfaction with industry-leading response times and representatives trained in conflict de-escalation
  • Stay accessible to your customers 365 days a year with everyday phone support and a 24/7 email ticketing system
  • Minimize refunds by referring customers experiencing technical difficulties to approved product support resources
  • Address your customers' specific cultural needs with dedicated call centers in the U.S., Europe and Japan
  • Define your own support policies and procedures and feel confident that they're being fully implemented
  • Easily redeliver license information, account keys, download links and more to existing customers

Our Customer Support Capabilities

  • Industry-Leading Response Times

    On average, we respond to customer emails within 8 hours and calls within 15 seconds. We’re continually refining our procedures in order to further reduce these waiting periods.
  • World Class Customer Experience

    We treat your customers like our customers. Highly trained, knowledgeable, attentive and friendly, our representatives consistently receive satisfaction ratings that exceed 90%.
  • Decreased Chargebacks

    Our representatives receive communication skills training and are able to de-escalate conflicts that would otherwise result in disputed charges and increased chargeback rates.
  • Self-Service Customer Support

    Our online knowledge base provides 24/7 support for common inquiries. Easy purchase look-up and intuitive FAQs reduce contact rates and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Quality Assurance

    We strictly monitor the quality of phone and email interactions, using both internal and external measures to ensure the highest level of service for your customers.
  • Customized Support Procedures

    We closely follow your specific guidelines on processing refunds, reissuing license or access code information, transferring customers to technical support and more.
  • Client Support & Optimization

    Get reporting on the KPIs that matter for your business. We deliver customer feedback, ongoing analysis and recommendations for optimizing your support procedures.
  • Multilingual Representatives

    With customer support teams located in Cologne, Chicago and Tokyo, we provide full support in seven languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Japanese.

Client Case Study:

Boosting Subscription Renewal Rate

Client Challenge

Malwarebytes, a leading provider of software designed to protect consumers and businesses against viruses and other malicious threats, moved their flagship consumer product to a subscription model in 2014. Previously, they had offered this product for a $25 perpetual license. cleverbridge knew that the switch to a subscription billing model would bring its own set of customer support-related challenges. Malwarebytes risked alienating an extremely loyal user base who was accustomed to a one-time payment for lifetime usage of their antimalware product.

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cleverbridge Solution

To provide a high level of personalized support for Malwarebytes customers, we tracked all phone and email inquiries and drafted language to answer common questions. Within three days, our team had a standardized set of responses that allowed us to quickly assist customers and ensure that their licenses renewed properly.

Real Customer Comments

  • Not only did the representative resolve my issue immediately, she did so with such an effervescent manner that she brightened my day, as well. Instead of struggling with this form of communication, which is frequently the case, I found the experience to be uplifting.

  • He was one of the most pleasant people I have encountered in this type of job. He knew exactly what the problem was and he fixed it — what more could anyone expect? On a scale of 1 to 5, I would say he is a 10.

  • The representative I spoke with was extremely courteous and professional. I must say it was the most pleasant customer service experience that I have ever had.

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