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Unlock the full potential of Latin America's largest ecommerce market for your business

Home to more than 200 million people, Brazil offers an exciting growth opportunity for online sales. But complex local taxes and regulations present roadblocks to conquering Latin America’s largest economy. By processing Brazilian payments domestically, cleverbridge opens this dynamic market for your digital business.

Our Full-Service Approach to Domestic Payment Processing in Brazil

  • Reducing fees as a result of currency exchange and Brazilian IOF taxes

  • Processing your cross-border orders in Brazilian Real – instead of USD or EUR

  • Improving the authorization rates of local credit card transactions

  • Navigating the country’s complex tax and regulatory landscape

  • Increasing your conversion rates with a highly localized checkout experience

Why cleverbridge Domestic Payment Processing for Brazil?

  • Serve nearly 100% of Brazil's market with our comprehensive footprint - including the industry's largest selection of Brazil's preferred credit cards

  • Localize your shopping and checkout experience to satisfy customer expectations

  • Accommodate the many different ways your customers choose to pay with flexible payment options - one-time payments, subscriptions and installments

  • Minimize your exposure to exchange rate fluctuations of the Brazilian Real

  • Ensure you’re always compliant with the litany of changes to taxes on foreign merchants levied by Brazil’s government

  • Keep your Brazilian customers happy with our team of customer service experts delivering 24/7/365 order support in Portuguese

Client Case Study:

Lifting Local Conversion Rates

Client Challenge

A German software developer known for its multi-media management tools relied on cross-border processing to handle credit card payments in Brazil – i.e., accepting orders in USD and then converting to Brazilian Real. This approach forced Brazilian customers to pay additional foreign transaction taxes for its products, decreasing conversion rates in this vital nation.

cleverbridge Solutions

cleverbridge localized our client’s online cart and checkout experience, displaying domestic currency and payment options to Brazilian customers and processing orders in Brazilian Real. With our domestic payment processing services, the client was able to:

  • Free its customers from paying the hefty (6.38%) IOF tax on foreign transactions
  • Capitalize on local preferences and allow customers to pay for their purchases in installments
  • Strengthen its customer experience, boosting conversion rates by up to 54.9%

cleverbridge Domestic Payment Processing Support for Brazil

  • Supported Billing Scenarios

    • One-time payments
    • Recurring subscriptions
    • Installment options for one-time orders and recurring billing events
  • Supported Credit Cards

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Aura
    • Elo
    • Hipercard
  • Key Country Data Points

    • Population: 200 million
    • 23 million online shoppers
    • World’s 9th largest GDP
    • 100,000 changes to tax law in 2015

A U.S.-based web security company leveraged cleverbridge’s Brazil domestic payment processing capabilities to quickly achieve a 14% year-over-year increase in authorization rate of transactions made with Brazilian Real.

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