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Subscription billing platform & solutions that are simple, flexible & flawlessly integrated.

Signing up, paying for and using your subscription offering should be easy. That's how you build a loyal customer base. Our subscription billing platform simplifies and streamlines all aspects of your global subscription business from acquiring customers via multiple channels to measuring your subscription success — so you can maximize retention and improve your bottom line.

Our Full-Service Approach to Global Subscription Billing

  • Getting you up and running fast with flexible API-based integration

  • Displaying localized pricing, currencies and payment methods

  • Collecting recurring payments and supporting complex billing scenarios

  • Executing engagement strategies based on customer behavior

  • Providing in-depth reporting on your program's success

Subscription Client Case Study:

Integrating Existing Data

Client Challenge

Our client, a European-based cloud hosting company, needs to be able to quickly and easily validate that each customer has an account before allowing them to make a purchase. They also need all customer information to be kept current in their Salesforce account without having to invest considerable time and resources into manual updates.

cleverbridge Solutions

  • Single sign-on/profile integration so our client can effectively market to existing customers
  • Seamless integration with our client's third-party data sources (CRM, email platform, etc.) to create a single consolidated source of customer data
  • Integrated customer data for marketing up-sells, cross-sells and promotions to new customers
  • Unique session URLs (SURLs) that securely save purchase data for future renewals
  • Prefilled customer information to increase the likelihood that customers will complete their order

Our Global Subscription Billing Capabilities

  • Subscription Management

    We let you manage all aspects of your subscription billing on a per-customer basis, including:
    • Changing recurring billing intervals
    • Activating or deactivating autorenewals
    • Confirming subscriptions
    • Adding new services
    • Extending a trial phase
    • Renewing on demand
  • Flexible Suite of APIs

    Achieve rapid time-to-market with robust APIs we've developed for creating, updating and deleting subscription plans. Comprehensive documentation for developers is available for all APIs.
  • Hosted Sign-Up Process

    We help you acquire new subscribers by supporting various sign-up scenarios: trials, discounts for designated periods and direct payments (bypassing a trial entirely). Alternatively, you can integrate your existing sign-up process with our subscription platform for use with free trials.
  • PCI Compliance & Data Security

    Your subscribers share personal information – we keep it safe. Our hosted sign-up process is fully compliant with PCI DSS standards and other industry regulations for data transfer and security.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Technology

    Using SSO technology, we enable you to grant your customers access to all authorized subscription applications and resources through a single point of authentication.
  • Localized Pricing

    Set your own pricing parameters or leverage our built-in GeoIP detection technology to display prices that resonate with customers in each region.
  • Optimized Customer Experience

    With our extensive portfolio of languages, currencies and payment methods, we ensure a fully optimized customer experience proven to increase conversions.
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Through A/B testing, advanced segmentation and extensive reporting capabilities, you get access to the most up-to-date insights – like churn rate, trial conversion rate and customer lifetime value.
  • Centralized Customer Database

    We provide you with real-time visibility into all aspects of your subscription business by consolidating customer data from your CRM, ERP, email platform and other business systems.
  • Customer Self-Service

    Using "My Account" functionality, your customers can upgrade or downgrade, change their billing information, update their personal data and more. You can also drive more revenue by displaying targeted banner ads to your customers on their account page.
  • Interactive Analytics

    Our in-depth analytics don't just inform your subscription billing strategy – they take action. Automatically issue notifications for subscription events like:
    • Sign-up welcome
    • Trial expiration
    • Payment expiration reminder
    • Autorenewal reminder
  • Real-Time Marketing

    The rule-based engine in our subscription billing platform triggers emails, in-app notifications and banner ads with messaging and promotional offers to build customer relationships.

Subscription Billing, Simplified

Let us manage the complexities. Our solution supports your pricing models, your customers' preferred payment methods, and any complex recurring billing scenarios you might come across.


Supported pricing plans:

  • Fixed price
  • Term (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.)
  • Tiered (based on volume, product or package)
  • Usage-based
  • Any custom combination of the above

Supported billing scenarios:

  • Partial term
  • Prorated (overages)
  • Coterminous

Supported payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Direct debit bank transfer

Subscription Client Case Study:

Billing Subscribers

Client Challenge

Our client, a Polish file sharing service, had just launched their subscription offering by selling gigabytes of data that renew every week, month, quarter or year. But our client discovered that some customers wanted to buy only a set amount of data at a time, either as an add-on to their subscription or as a one-time purchase. They needed a billing solution to support these complex scenarios.

cleverbridge Solutions

  • Flexible pricing plans so our client can easily change the billing event on a per-customer basis
  • Flexible billing scenarios — including partial term, prorated or coterminous billing — to more effectively meet the changing needs of customers
  • Subscription plan management that lets our client rapidly activate or deactivate autorenewals
  • Intelligent subscription billing that knows when to securely bill each customer, for how much and via which payment method
  • Simplified revenue recognition for subscription payments and amortization over time

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