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Ready to take your performance marketing to the next level?

Our global performance marketing experts leverage a set of proven best practices in recruitment, communications and incentives to develop strategic relationships with publishes. We cultivate long-term relationships with shoppers who fall outside the scope of your direct marketing.

By focusing on key publishers, we identify unique partnership opportunities for your business that will result in more site traffic, more customers and more revenue.

Our Full-Service Approach to Performance Marketing

  • Recruiting, approving and nurturing relationships with top-tier publishers

  • Creating and maintaining your links, banner ads and other marketing assets

  • Implementing seasonal promotions, newsletters and custom landing pages

  • Performing ongoing analysis and identifying optimization opportunities

  • Handling tracking, commission processing and payouts on your behalf

Why choose cleverbridge Managed Services?

  • Opportunity to build key partnerships with high-performing publishers
  • Custom publisher program tailored for your specific business needs
  • Competitive analysis to ensure that your offers stack up against other performance marketing programs in your niche
  • Rapid implementation gets you up and running right away
  • Ongoing program optimization from our team of performance marketing experts
  • Self-service capabilities for publishers in a web-based performance marketing platform

MajorGeeks partnered with cleverbridge for trial download email automation, a co-branded checkout process and custom banner ads. These revenue-generating efforts resulted in quadruple-digit growth over six months.

Our Managed Services Capabilities

  • Relationship Management

    We facilitate your strategic partnerships with top revenue generators like CNET, MajorGeeks, TopTenReviews and 01net.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    By continually testing and improving your assets, we create optimized online customer experiences.
  • Nurturing of High-Volume Publishers

    We maximize revenue generated by high-volume publishers with custom banner ads, landing pages, co-branded shopping carts and other assets.
  • Publisher Quality Review

    Sticking strictly to your brand and content standards, we filter out any publishers that don't qualify for your program.
  • Quality Testing & Security

    We ensure the health of your publisher assets by troubleshooting, checking for broken links and submitting test orders.
  • Publisher Recruitment

    We recruit publishers to your program through email newsletters and webinars, and by representing you at industry events.
  • Performance Marketing Platform Refresh

    Along with ongoing maintenance, your platform gets a quarterly refresh with new links, banner ads and landing pages.
  • Reporting & Analytics

    You get detailed monthly reporting and Strategic Business Reviews based on important KPIs, as well as detailed competitive analysis.
  • Publisher & Client Support

    Our global publisher management team provides platform support and promptly resolves issues around payments or commissions.
  • Commission Processing

    We verify the validity of every payout and issue monthly payments via ACH, PayPal or wire transfer in seven different currencies.

For PCAntivirusReviews, cleverbridge developed an aggressive A/B testing strategy for continually optimizing earnings per visitor. The first test alone resulted in six-figure revenue growth for the year.

Performance Marketing Platform

The cleverbridge Performance Marketing Platform — Your Online Portal for Publishers

In both our managed and self-service programs, publishers get access to a web-based portal branded for your business where they can:

  • Run reports (traffic generated, commission, etc.)
  • Get marketing materials (banner ads, text links, etc.)
  • Track campaigns (advanced tools, x-parameters, third-party pixels)
  • Update profile data (username, payout detail, etc.)
  • Run campaigns in multiple languages

Ready to learn more about cleverbridge Performance Marketing: Managed Services ?

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