Grow your online revenue with strategic publisher relationships.

A productive global publisher network boosts your traffic, brand recognition and recurring revenue, and also allows your business to break into lucrative new markets.

With our Performance Marketing Platform, you can access the tools you need to foster relationships with high-quality publishers. Additionally, we’ll help optimize your publisher processes – from recruitment to communications, incentives and reporting – while tracking sales and handling payouts on your behalf.

Our Full-Service Approach to Performance Marketing

  • Connecting you with select high-performing publishers

  • Providing links, banner ads and other marketing assets for publisher use

  • Tracking sales and processing payouts for your business

  • Proactively protecting your performance marketing program against fraud

  • Addressing publisher inquiries about payments and commissions

Why choose the cleverbridge Performance Marketing Platform?

  • Expanded market reach and increased brand recognition via our global network of publishers
  • Opportunity to build key partnerships with high-performing publishers
  • Improved search engine ranking as a result of more site traffic and inbound links
  • Maintaining full control over your program: you can set commissions, display assets and view analytics on a per-publisher basis
  • Self-service capabilities for publishers in a web-based performance marketing platform

For, an industry-leading software download portal, cleverbridge created a series of seasonal campaigns for their publishers that increased holiday sales by 7%.

Our Standard Performance Marketing Capabilities

  • Relationship Management

    Successful performance marketing is about developing relationships with key publishers. We focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that you reach the right audience and maximize your global revenue.
  • Self-Service Publisher Portal

    Give your publishers easy access to marketing assets and detailed reporting in a web-based performance marketing platform.
  • Publisher & Client Support

    Rely on us to promptly address your publishers' general questions, plus issues around payments and commissions. Additionally, we support you by troubleshooting broken links, test orders and traffic flow, and optimizing your landing pages and links.
  • Commission Processing

    We proactively protect you against fraud with 24/7 monitoring.
  • High-Volume Publisher Services

    Each of our high-volume publishers receives a dedicated publisher manager who works side-by-side with them to optimize their efforts. We also make customized solutions (like co-branded checkout pages) available to these publishers.
  • Real-Time Reporting

    Detailed reporting is available for important metrics like traffic generated, commissions, top product sold and promotions, giving you insight into your performance marketing program. You can test, tweak and implement optimization efforts in real time.

cleverbridge designed a custom set of Black Friday promotions for, a deal-of-the-day website for software products, driving double-digit revenue within just one day.

Performance Marketing Portal

The cleverbridge Performance Marketing Platform — Your Online Portal for Publishers

In both our managed and self-service programs, publishers get access to a web-based portal branded for your business where they can:

  • Run reports (traffic generated, commission, etc.)
  • Get marketing materials (banner ads, text links, etc.)
  • Track campaigns (advanced tools, x-parameters, third-party pixels)
  • Update profile data (username, payout detail, etc.)
  • Run campaigns in multiple languages

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